HOPE Breast Center


Parkland has a need for a new cancer center and a way to educate the community about the many different types of cancers. This came with a unique set of problems, where to build it, where will people park, how to educate people, and how will they locate this new building. We proposed, just like HKS, to build on top of the existing surgery center. Unlike HKS, we decided to approach this in a more eye-capturing way. To create an iconic building from an iconic form of the breast cancer symbol, while solving all the problems that Parkland addressed. Choosing to build on top of the surgery center gave us many advantages, from saving land to being able to use the existing systems and structure; while still creating a new form on top. With the cancer ribbon symbol, using one of the wings we connected the parking garage to the “Hope Breast Center”. This solved the parking problem by ensuring the patients will have a parking space if they request. We created a new entrance space from the other wing of the ribbon, connecting the unused lot to our proposed “Hope Breast Center”. Adding in a learning center area to educate patients and visitors. The form of the building was to create an eye-capturing, comforting form and to make it iconic. Thus providing the patients a comforting and unique experience as they visit.


Final Posters

Midterm Posters:

poster 1
poster 2
poster 3
poster 4
poster 5
poster 6
poster 7
Alex Karshis

I currently run my own company, Karshis Designs LLC, in Austin TX. My company is focused on bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life through digital renders and graphics. With focus and attention to detail in creating architectural & digital renders of client’s visions. 

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