Smoke Alarm

 Currently, most smoke detectors on the market come in a similar all-white plastic circle form with a loud chirping alarm and a few lights that light up to let you know when the battery is dead. This visual branding is very bland, the form is overused, and no one wants to wake up at 3 am to a dead battery. So for this project, I wanted to redesign what a smoke detector does at the core. How does this device help you survive when the area around you is on fire. So I designed ‘smoke’, Saving Minutes On Knowing the Exit. 

With smoke, it uses minimal design to help inform the user of where the exit is by using lights as a visual guide. Smoke uses a loading bar feature on the bottom of the device to help guide the user to the exit. When installing you line up smoke to be oriented towards the nearest exit. 

Think of this…

Saving Minutes On Knowing the Exit

Have you ever been in an Airbnb, hotel, or at a friends to spend the night? And you wake up to the chirping of the smoke detector but are not sure where the sound is coming from or where you are in location to an exit. This is where the second counts and as the minutes go by so does your time to escape the fire. You need all the help you can get to find your way to safety, and with the ‘smoke’ smoke detector you will save thought precious seconds that you need to get to safety. With ‘smoke’ you are able to see and hear the warnings when the alarm goes off.

 Find a location 

When first installing the ‘Smoke’ Detector you need to make sure you have the right location, this requires the headlights to be facing the exit. This is to ensure that when the alarm goes off the user will know where the nearest exit to them is. 

Quick install 

The do the quick install you must first screw in the mounting plate to the correct location. Then if you are hardwiring the ‘Smoke’ detector to your system, use the additional wires now. If not just pull the plastic tab from the 9V battery, and you are ready to go! 

Check Once a Month

Just like any smoke detector you need to check the battery once a month, to do this you simply hold a long press on either one of the two headlight buttons. This will ensure that all the detectors are working correctly and will give four beeps when it’s done. When the battery is low, there is a small indication on the bottom LEDs.

Alex Karshis

I currently run my own company, Karshis Designs LLC, in Austin TX. My company is focused on bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life through digital renders and graphics. With focus and attention to detail in creating architectural & digital renders of client’s visions. 

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