Shower Project

This project was to design a shower set. Through the many design processes Catherine Cunningham and I design this shower set together, her focusing on the shower head while I focused on the handle and foist.

What we did

This product is a fully customizable shower set. A height adjustable head allows the user to choose their preferred height. Independent temperature and pressure controls allows further customization and the handle will remember the last temperature setting. A retractable bathtub faucet allows the tub to be completely clear while the shower is in use. With these features, the user has the ability to make their shower truly their own.

Problem Statement

Through our observation of five different users, we have come up with two problems often experienced in shower sets.


Any taller than average person has a difficult time standing comfortably under a shower head.

Temperature vs. Pressure Control

Individuals prefer specific temperatures, however, their preference is lost every time the shower is turned off.


Faucet extended out Faucet collapse Through the motion of rotation, the faucet is able to move out of the way when not in use. This is to save space, and it also turns off the water as you rotation towards the wall.

Research and Reverse Engineering

First Set of Renders

Final Renders

Posters for Final

Making of the Physical Model

Alex Karshis

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