Bloom – End of the Season


Published work 

Studio Work

As this project comes to an end we look back at what we created and smile

This has been one of the best studio set of projects that we have worked on. It has brought into question form, function, and reason. We challenged ourselves to come up with a design that would have a large transformation from collapses to expanded.  Through the use of complex geometry, we discovered a way for out pavilion to expand in all three axes (X, Y, Z). When collapsed this pavilion is compressed into a small rectangle and when expanded it transformed into a colorful upright flower.


Bloom in the plaza

Design Statement:

Create a deployable pavilion for traveling exhibition, fairs, and leisure use that is compact in design and allows for adjustable user interaction. An inspirational concept behind this design was a flower and how it blooms in nature. Structurally, it is designed first in section and based off of 2 offset circles. There are eight layers and each one is based from 3-point ellipses that start from the scissor intersection from the level below. The key was to keep each layer aligned in the horizontal plane. The horizontal scissors gradually increase in width to create the flower pedal effect. The shading device is installed with magnets and can be interchangeable, and installed incrementally by user choice.


Bloom collapsing and expanding

bloom .64

Bloom at ACL

Our design was intended to be used for many different events and has the virility to change its skin, color, and had the ability to have lights attached

This could be used for many events such as music festival, parks, concerts, plays, outdoor and outdoor events, and is meant to bring joy and happiness to the viewer.

bloom .63

Bloom at Zelker for ACL


Bloom collapsing and expanding

Bloom collapsing and expanding

Alex Karshis

I currently run my own company, Karshis Designs LLC, in Austin TX. My company is focused on bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life through digital renders and graphics. With focus and attention to detail in creating architectural & digital renders of client’s visions. 

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