Regnbåge — Portable Bridge


Our task was to design a deployable bridge

Our goal was to have a bridge that was the size of a backpack, lightweight and could transport one to two individuals easily

We accomplished our goal through our new innovative design

This bridge displays two types of transformations. The first type of transformation is a rotational movement. This allows the bridge to fully expand to its 18-foot span. Realizing that this created huge gaps between each of the planks, the second type of transformation were developed, the slide. The sliding movement successfully closes the gaps and allows for people to safely cross the bridge.

The bridge is lightweight enough that it can be collapsed and carried in the form of a backpack. When one approaches a trench, one would simply expand the bridge, slide the secondary parts in, rotate the bridge over and cross, as shown above.

Please Visit the link below to see the design process


Poster Design

Transformable Bridge_LUNA & KARSHIS_Final Poster



Man walking

Regnbåge to scale

Transformable Bridge_LUNA _ KARSHIS_Collapsed-GIF

Top & Side View

Transformable Bridge_LUNA _ KARSHIS_Top _ Side Photos


Transformable Bridge_LUNA _ KARSHIS_Detail 1

Transformable Bridge_LUNA _ KARSHIS_Detail 2

Transformable Bridge_LUNA _ KARSHIS_Detail 3

Transformable Bridge_LUNA _ KARSHIS_Expanded-GIF

Created by Alex Karshis and Luis Luna

Thanks for viewing

Alex Karshis

I currently run my own company, Karshis Designs LLC, in Austin TX. My company is focused on bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life through digital renders and graphics. With focus and attention to detail in creating architectural & digital renders of client’s visions. 

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