Flotation Pod – Houston

The Project

This project was to design something that would help someone in Houston right after Hurricane Maria hit. I designed a flotation pod for a friends grandparents that had some extreme limitations getting to safety during the Hurricane Maria.

The Problem

The McComb’s house was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. They received around 5 inches of water inside their house, complete damaging the first floor. The first floor houses their main living quarters. Pat McComb has had ongoing back/leg surgery for 10 years and hasn’t been able to walk in about 2 years. She has been strictly living on the first floor. This created a unique problems when their house started to flood at around midnight. The power was out at the time so they had to move themselves and their belongings upstairs as quickly as possible. 

Alex Karshis

I currently run my own company, Karshis Designs LLC, in Austin TX. My company is focused on bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life through digital renders and graphics. With focus and attention to detail in creating architectural & digital renders of client’s visions. 

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